My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. A friend recently gave me the idea of a new name. And something tells me it’s gonna catch on. 

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. A friend recently gave me the idea for a new name, and something tells me… it’s gonna catch on.

In other news, I’m on fall break and I’ve pulled in A’s on every college exam. I think that’s an achievement.


god i hate scott mccall. he’s always taking the moral high ground and saving his friends and being good to women and talking through his moral dilemmas with his mom and forgiving people even when they’re douches. fuck that guy.


"Now, when citizens of that city look up, they are going to see BATGIRL.”


Favorite Male Characters {1/5}
     ↳ Wally West / Kid Flash / Flash

Any child’s death is not just a cessation of a living being. It’s the death of hope. And without that—what have we got?”


i want wolves to start coming from all over the world to join scott mccall’s pack, risking the wrath of their old alpha for the graciousness of the alpha they hope will take them in, risking life and limb in beacon hills for the chance to follow scott mccall into whatever war he might need them to fight. i want them in awe of him, able to call him by name on sight without ever having seen him before and scott utterly baffled by it, but of course, he says, of course i’ll protect you, you can be part of my pack. but, uh, just so you know we don’t kill people okay? and yeah they say okay because it’s scott mccall. 

i want the occasional alpha looking for an alliance and even a few willing to sacrifice their alpha status to be scott mccall’s beta.

i want rumours about his tattoo that run the gambit from ludicrous to hitting too close to home and though stiles makes sure no one mentions the tattoo to scott after a few heartbreaking interactions with strangers, he still contributes to the ludicrous rumours when he gets the chance. i want kira as the welcome committee asking the wolves if they can play nice with kitsunes and hunters and banshees and humans and malia aggressively adding werecoyotes to the list with claws and fangs out when kira’s not looking. i want liam bragging to absolutely everyone that he’s the only werewolf scott ever made.

i want all the new wolves to be terrified of lydia a) because she’s terrifying and b) because they’re afraid she’ll scream their name next but lydia’s cool with it because it keeps everybody out of her space. i want derek so annoyed about all the wolves staying at his loft but he couldn’t resist scott’s “please man my mom won’t let any more stay with us” and subsequent pleading look but he makes them pay rent and puts the money toward stiles’ hospital bills and the mccalls’ utilities and braeden teaches him how to be quiet in bed.

i want scott having to alpha-order everybody to protect themselves and not him because the first time they all go into a fight together he has a wall four wolves deep all around him the whole time and he never even reaches the opposition.

i want one sacred homework hour during the day when no one disturbs scott because everyone knows he’s trying to keep his grades up but the rest of the time, they’re all scrambling for air time with him, especially the young, bitten wolves and it gets so bad that he’s not getting any sleep so melissa lays down the law in her best mom voice and scott sleeps for three days uninterrupted and then every night uninterrupted, during which there isn’t a disaster to take care of, after that.

i want beacon hills schools scrambling to hire enough teachers to handle the sudden influx of students because scott insists that everybody in his pack who is school age will go to school. i want scott learning the languages and customs of all the people coming so he can communicate respectfully with them and sometimes he messes up but everyone’s patient with him.

i want newborn wolves to be named allison at an alarming rate as families settle down there and scott so touched by it every time that he cries and chris at first made distinctly uncomfortable by it but then he gets over it and starts teaching everyone allison’s new code until it becomes the first thing told to every new wolf followed directly by “wait til you meet scott!”

Detective Comics #33 (2014)
Detective Comics #33 (2014)